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The Accelerator Sling is an ultra lightweight, 2-point weapon sling with quick adjust capability. It's simple to use, effective across multiple platforms, and provides a cost effective solution that doesn't sacrifice quality for a lower price point. The quick adjust capability is self contained and there are no loose ends to worry about; simply pull the adjustment cord to the rear to lengthen and forward to shorten. Our design allows the action to be very smooth and fast, so you can stay focused on shooting.


  • Quick Adjust - Allows Rapid Adjustment of Length (Approximately 10")
  • Approximately 66" Overall Length (Fully Extended)
  • Ergonomic Pull Cord - Easy to Locate, Snag Free Design
  • Simple Mounting Hardware - Three Triglides Included
  • Colour Options - 22 Colour Choices
  • IR Signature Reduction
  • Quick Release Attachment (Optional, Sold Separately)
  • 2.2oz or 60g (As Pictured)

Unique Adjustment Method

What makes this sling different from the other quick adjust slings on the market? Aside from the multitude of colour options, mil-spec hardware and quality craftsmanship, the answer is simplicity! The Accelerator Sling uses an entirely different and unique mechanism to achieve it's lightening fast adjustment. Instead of using a three bar slider, where the webbing is woven in and out, we use a tension release system. What that means is that instead of three points of contact between the slider and the webbing, there are only two. The result is less friction and a smoother action which translates into less fighting to adjust your sling.