US Night Vision Mag Wraps (3 Pack)

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US Night Vision Mag Wraps  will fit any 30 round Magazine. They are easy to install and offer the ultimate in protection and camouflage for your magazines. The wraps stop right at the mag well so there is no interference with the operation of your magazine while in the weapon.

Our premium US Made wraps offer superior UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes and are completely waterproof. All Mag Wraps are finished in a non-reflective matte outer coating. They will work with any substrate and leave zero residues when removed. They can be placed over each other if need be for an immediate mission profile change. Our exclusive two-piece wrap design leaves so seams on the crucial sides of the magazine for superior camouflage.

Mag Wraps.. Real Patterns, Real Protection.

Available in A-Tacs AU, A-Tacs FG, and Kryptek Highlander



3 Wraps Per Pack