American Kami Spork

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American Kami Titanium Spork
Forged out of 6AL4V medical grade titanium, handcrafted by a real human being, on handmade dies, right here in the good ol' USA. And all Ti is sourced from USA made military and aerospace scrap, so they're green, too!   Berry compliant.

Available in fullsize or stubby.

9.3" long from tip to tines and 0.071"-0.073" thick. (Stubbies are 6.85" long)

Won't rust or corrode. Non-magnetic. Hypoallergenic.

Poor conductor of heat, so excellent for cooking and fire poking. No more burnt fingers!

Stonewash over torch anodization for good looks, slick mouth feel, and ease of cleaning. All corners, points, and edges nicely smoothed over, for comfort and TSA compliance.

-Bottle opener/pot lid lifting hook.

-Oxygen bottle key/small 'biner hole.

-MSR shaker stove takedown key.

-.25" emergency hex driver key.


Fluid capacity at tines is 1/3 more than the Snowpeak spork.

Extra long handle for getting food out of those extra deep cans/MRE pouches.

Tired of wussie little eating utensils? I got you.

Want flat wear that will last you through the apocalypse? This is it.

Want something that you can ram through a zombie skull? Here you go, baby.

And while this is a man-sized spork, the ladies dig 'em too.

This is the last eating utensil you'll ever need.