Universal Shooting Bench

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The Universal Shooting Bench offers the most stable shooting platform designed with maximum portability.  Sporting an impressive 960 sq inches of real estate for your rifle, pistol, data log book, range finder, spotting scope, etc. Our USB can fit into a Yaris (yes, we tried it) when broken down.

One unique feature that no other bench (that we know of) offers is the ability to change between 3 different shooting configurations, therefore accommodating 4 shooting styles, e.g. benchrest left, benchrest right, straddle left, straddle right.

In the benchrest configuration, the single leg is forward with the two legs to the rear.  The seat can be moved to either left or right side to support left/right handed shooters.

In the straddle configuration, the dual legs are forward with the single leg to the rear.  The seat mounts to the single leg accommodating either left/right handed shooters.

Initially designed for long range precision work, neither your rifle nor the bench knows if you’re shooting at 1000 yrds or plinking at 100 yrds.  So go ahead, shoot your AR, your .338 Lapua Mag, your .50 bmg and everything else in between.


light weight
portable (fits in most sedan trunks)
steel construction
easy assembly/disassembly without the use of tools
infinite seat adjustment
multiple shooting configurations



47″ long
23.5″ @ widest
16″ @ cut out


40″ long

Assembled:  35.5″ high


top – 20.6 lbs
leg – 3.14 lbs
seat – 3.2 lbs
total – ~35 lbs


3/4″ maple top
steel frame

Designed and constructed in Southern California.