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550 Paracord Cleat (2 Pack)

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The READYMAN Paracord Cleat is our newest patented piece of kit that no bundle of 550 cord should be with out. Stop cutting 550 cord unnecessarily, fumbling with knots you (used to) know and start using the Paracord cleat to cinch that load, or secure that tarp in a hurry. **Watch the Video Below to see how it's used**

The READYMAN Paracord Cleat allows you to use 550 cord in a variety of ways with out having to tie knots or cut the cord achieve different lengths for the task at hand.

The Paracord Cleat can be used to:

-Tie down a tarp 

-Tie down a rain fly

-Hang a tarp

-Hang various bags 

The possibilities are limited only to your imagination and can be used in just about any application where 550 cord is used and multiple lengths of cordage are needed for the job.  


-100% Made in the U.S.A of 5000 Series Aluminum 

-2in. x 1in. and 1/8"in thick