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Acrylic Training Lock

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One of our favorite blocks of instruction on READYMAN.COM is the hostage escape and kidnap defense course.  We also teach this class in person at select event's nationwide, and this acrylic training lock is what we use to introduce people to defeating locks.

The acrylic training lock is the perfect training aid for lock picking. It allows you to see the inner workings of pin-tumbler padlock (the most common type of lock) and what is required to defeat it.  

By inserting the included key so you can visualize (and feel) what it's like when the key allows you to unlock the padlock and what the pins also look and feel like when the lock is defeated. 

So, if you find yourself with at your lock with no keys around and you don't have immediate access to a set of bolt cutters, you now now have the tools and training to take care of the situation... just like in the movies. 

*Warning* Lock picking is extremely addictive (and fun) and will result in you repeatedly using your READYMAN Hostage Escape Card to try your hand at picking other common padlocks!  

Fun Training Fact: Based on our training experience we have found women to be instinctually better at lock picking!