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Down Range Gear Tactical Holster Platform Kit

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Tactical Holster Platform, Safariland - Kit includes, Belt Wrap and Base


The Tactical Holster Platform is designed for Safariland users looking for a specific feature set in a tactical holster rig. The THP drops the holster to a fixed length as short as the attachment and holster system will allow. The intent is for the holster to clear the belt with a short drop to ride high against the thigh. 1-1/2” National Molding Swivi-Lockster buckles give the platform a 120 degree rotating arc that moves with the wearer for a natural range of motion and provide a quick detach capability. Two sets of buckles are mounted in tandem but oppositing faced to make the THP stable, robust, protect against breakage and unintentional release. The Tactical Holster Platform, Safariland has a place during tactical entries, on duty, while on patrol, in the field and outside the wire.

The THP Duty Belt Wrap supports two 1-1/2” Swivi-Lockster female buckles on duty belts as wide as 2”. Velcro OneWrap components tuck the buckles against the underside of the belt. The wrap is configured to pass through the buckles and is layered in such a way that it will not come undone without the deliberate action by the user. The Duty Belt Wrap takes up the minimum space necessary and has the smallest footprint for the Tactical Holster Platform on a belt.



  • Quick disconnect
  • swivel hardware
  • short drop, high ride.