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TangoDown Aimpoint T1 IO Cover

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New and improved! Protect your T-1 lenses, and keep them clear of rain, snow, mud or dust. The iO cover has integral lens covers and a protective armor body that can’t fall off or get lost. Low profile design allows covers to be quickly operated with one hand. Covers nest together so they don’t flop under recoil. Receptive to most spray paints and hydro dip process. Fits Aimpoint™ T-1/H-1/R-1 Optics




– Keeps optic body, windage adjustment cap and lenses protected in extreme, harsh environments


– One handed operation, covers nest together to prevent snags


– Durable thermoplastic polyurethane material resists solvents, oils and UV exposure


OA Length: 2.75”   Width: 1.60”     Weight: 0.8 oz.


Colors available: Black, FDE, & OD Green