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Vickers Tactical Glock® 9mm/.40 Double Stack Magazine Pouch

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The first key to a perfect spare magazine pouch is function. Tension must be tuned to the level of intended lightning-fast extraction, but with proper retention during energetic movement. Soft radiused corners, and flexibility on the belt should contribute to low visibility and days-long comfort. Even better is the double pouch can be easily separated into two single mag pouches, if needed. The final qualifier  - It shall not fail.

Whether for EDC or LE use, you'll agree with Larry that this is a must-have for your pistol belt.

Fits all 1.75" wide pistol belts.

* Tough injection molded DuPont™ Hytrel®  for superior impact resistance and wear

* Smooth exterior form with large radiused corners or wear/use comfort

* Double pouch can be separated into 2 singles, with simple knife cut