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Blackhawk Positive Vibration Patch

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So, guys, depending on your experience this is what we mean by positive vibration. When riding in a Blackhawk the vibration of the rotors is reverberating through your body and you get all relaxed, especially if you're jamming tunes through your headset? That's a positive in my book because you're either enroute to or returning from a mission. It might be rescuing people off the coast after a major storm, bringing terrorists back from a target or conducting training for what may come. The missions are sometimes brutal, we've been there and can speak from extensive experience, but sometimes things couldn't be better and you wonder if you may have just had the best day of your life! Either way, we want you to focus on the positive, thankful you are alive. you've just helped save a few folks and you get to live to do it again another day! Grab this patch, wear it and keep that PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)!
  • 4" Wide x 3.5" High
  • Woven
  • Velcro Backed
  • 110% Positive Vibes Guaranteed!