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TangoDown Battlegrip BG-18 Reduced Angle

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The BG-18 is the latest evolution of our BATTLEGRIPTM Rifle Grip series. The trademark soft, organic hand-filling shape remains to mitigate fatigue, but features a reduced grip angle that’s easier on the wrist for certain shooter’s preference.

Along with the new grip angle, our aggressive binary texture compliments the grip shape just where needed. The subtle extended back strap allows a comfortable hand hold as high as possible on the receiver.

Ideal for CQC carbines, long-range precision weapons, even pistol grip adapters for shotguns. Injection molded from the same heat and impact modified polymer that gives the rest of our BATTLEGRIPTM Rifle Grip Series its ‘no-fail’ reputation for Military service in the field.

BG-18 BATTLEGRIP™ fits all M4/ M16/ AR-15 type rifles & carbines, and MK16S/MK17S/AR-10/SR-25/MK11. Most weapon receivers configured to fit the M16/AR-15 type grip will also accept the BG-18.


-Comfortable, reduced-angle form

-Aggressive binary non-slip texture

-Light weight, yet virtually indestructible


OA Height: 4.125”       Weight: 2.6oz.

Made in USA